Group 4532x
Stoelting Frozen Treat Equipment

Organized Hopper Cover

Marketing Item Number 2206054
UPC 6.71E+11
Product Name Organized Hopper Cover
Product Genus Hopper Cover
Product Family Stoelting Accessories
Product Genus Hopper Cover
Company Brand Stoelting Foodservice
Feature Benefit 1 Organize wear parts for easy disassembly & reassembly
Feature Benefit 2 Convenient parts holder for equipment components, excluding auger and front door
Feature Benefit 3 Easy-to-identify slots for each removable part ̢ĺŰĺŇ ideal placement during cleaning and maintenance
Feature Benefit 4 Cover is able to nest on top of hopper with parts in place for easy storage
Feature Benefit 5 Each part labeled with replacement part number
Feature Benefit 6 Not recommended for cleaning in automatic dishwashers
Feature Benefit 7 Standard on F231, E131, F131, SF121, F144 and SF144 (models with auto-fill are not included)