Group 4532x
Stoelting Frozen Treat Equipment

Total Blend Lubricant

Stoelting's singular Total Blend Lubricant saves time, money and improves food safety.
Marketing Item Number 508053
UPC 6.71E+11
Product Name Total Blend Lubricant
Product Genus Blend Lubricant
Product Family Stoelting Accessories
Product Genus Blend Lubricant
Company Brand Stoelting Foodservice
Feature Benefit 1 Designed to meet the exact specifications for total lubricity of all Stoelting equipment
Feature Benefit 2 When purchased together with Stera Sheen Green Label, reduce the total lubricating costs by almost 50%, when purchased from Stoelting.
Feature Benefit 3 Eliminates Food Safety concerns of putting wrong lubricant in food contact position
Feature Benefit 4 Eliminates waste from over-using and risks associated with under-using
Feature Benefit 5 Available in pre-portioned packets to specifically designed for use with your Stoelting machine
Feature Benefit 6 Item 508053: Case of 50 Total Blend Lubricant packets (does not include Stera Sheen Green Label Sanitizer)
Feature Benefit 7 Item 2205995: Kit containing Total Blend Lubricant (50 packets) and Stera Sheen Green Label Sanitizer (100 packets)~~~