Group 4532x
Stoelting Frozen Treat Equipment

115-volt mix in blender with foot switch

Blend in your customer's choice of add-in ingredients for Marvelous Mix-Ins, or also doubles to make standard shakes and freezes. Variable speed blender offers versatility and contol.
Marketing Item Number 521005
UPC 29419969265
Product Name 115-volt mix in blender with foot switch
Product Genus 52100XX_Foot Operated Model
Product Family Stoelting Accessories
Product Genus 52100XX_Foot Operated Model
Company Brand Stoelting Foodservice
(W) Width (IN) 7.5
(D) Depth (IN) 10
(H) Height (IN) 24
Overall Dimensions (IN) 7.5 x 10 x 24
Feature Benefit 1 Bottom-mounted stay-in-place suction cups.
Feature Benefit 2 Foot-operated variable-speed control leaves your hands free for quick and easy mix-in blending
Feature Benefit 3 Virtually unbreakable lexan splatter guard keeps work area neat and slides off easily for clean up.
Feature Benefit 4 Curved inside corners and easy-to-clean cup-saver mixing head.
Feature Benefit 5 Forced air ventilation for long bearing and motor life.
Feature Benefit 6 Attractive stainless steel cabinet.
Feature Benefit 7 Variable-speed blender motor offers versatility and control.