Group 4532x
Stoelting Frozen Treat Equipment

Display Cabinets

A variety of showcase gelato cases to display your product, whether requirements are for a large display or compact to meet the need for a smaller space.
Marketing Item Number CD-BR09-37-RP
UPC 6.71E+11
Product Name Display Cabinets
Product Genus CD_BR_BRIO
Product Family Stoelting Accessories
Product Genus CD_BR_BRIO
Company Brand Stoelting Foodservice
(W) Width (IN) 65.25
(D) Depth (IN) 26.25
(H) Height (IN) 48.25
Overall Dimensions (IN) 65.25 x 26.25 x 48.25
Feature Benefit 1 Holds up to 14 4.25-liter pans or up to nine 5-liter pans.
Feature Benefit 2 Forced air cooling.
Feature Benefit 3 Automatic hot gas defrost.
Feature Benefit 4 Curved front glass.
Feature Benefit 5 Casters standard.
Feature Benefit 6 Compact design saves valuable counter space.