Group 4532x
Stoelting Frozen Treat Equipment

Double Barrel Continuous Freezer

M202 double barrel frozen custard machine with IntelliTecTM Control. Patented freezing chamber minimizes the size of ice crystals for a smoother finished product. Dellrin̢ĺăč÷, food-grade plastic blades provide quiet operation and superior durability. Refrigerated, top-mounted hopper pans hold mix at a safe temperature for an extended period of time. Hold cycle keeps barrels at a safe holding temperature during off-cycle periods. Less moveable parts for faster assembly and disassembly. Model M202 has two 6-gallon mix storage hoppers.
Marketing Item Number M202-38B00SIR
UPC 6.71E+11
Product Name Double Barrel Continuous Freezer
Product Genus M202
Product Family Frozen Custard & Italian Ice Floor Machines
Product Genus M202
Company Brand Stoelting Foodservice
(W) Width (IN) 27.5
(D) Depth (IN) 40.37
(H) Height (IN) 59
Overall Dimensions (IN) 27.5 x 40.37 x 59
Feature Benefit 1 Quick-Freeze Technology™ minimizes size of ice crystals to ensure smoother, creamier product.
Feature Benefit 2 Hold cycle keeps barrels at a safe temperature during off-cycle periods.
Feature Benefit 3 IntelliTec™ control with lighted display provides simple two button operation.
Feature Benefit 4 Easy-to-clean design helps maintain sanitary operation and ensures product is always fresh.
Feature Benefit 5 Italian ice switch on the right barrel comes standard, providing a choice between custard and Italian ice.
Feature Benefit 6 Refrigerated hopper with independent refrigeration system maintains safe storage temperatures in any environment.
Feature Benefit 7 Delrin®_ food grade plastic blades provide quiet operation and superior durability.
Feature Benefit 8 Standard, divided and separated dipper well helps prevent cross contamination between flavors for food allergy concerns.
Feature Benefit 9 Standard, divided and separated, dipper well keeps scoops and spades clean.
Feature Benefit 10 Optional hopper rinse faucet.